In the lead up to our Fall Alpha Course I’ll be running a couple of small group sessions on how Christians can make invitation and hospitality a part of our faith.

The idea of sharing faith or evangelism can be extremely overwhelming to many people – it’s often been that way for me as well. The Life Shared small group series offers a place to talk through some of the issues around sharing our faith in a natural, humble and authentic way.

I’m offering the first session here as an introduction to the series. Below I’ve also posted the discussion questions from the session. If you want to offer any comments on the video or discussion questions please do so in the comments section.

Then on this coming Sunday (September 8) anyone who wants to take part can join me for the second session in the church library (Hyslop Room).

I’ll also be posting the second and third sessions here on the blog after people have met on Sunday. So whether you take part in person or here online, I hope you take some time to think about how you can share you faith and invite someone share the life we have in Jesus.

Session 1: Join His Heart

Discussion Questions

Question 1: What feelings or thoughts come up for you around this idea of sharing your faith?

Question 2:  What stood out to you from what Jon shared? What inspired and challenged you?

Going Deeper: Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21

What do these verses tell us about evangelism?

Have you ever had a moment in conversation where you felt like you stepped into what God was already up to?

What prevents you from slowing down and noticing
God and people more?

Why do you think our culture has such a negative perception of the word “evangelism?”

What excites you about sharing your faith?

What makes you nervous about sharing your faith?
Can you share a time when you were inspired
by radical hospitality?

How can we practice the art of hospitality more
frequently and effectively in our context?

Application: Take a moment to write down the names of three people in your life who don’t yet know Jesus and spend some time praying for them.

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