Over time I will be posting resources for Christian theology, spirituality, discipleship on my blog. Each of these will have a page of it’s own under this one. Below you’ll also find links to some great online resources that I’ve personally found useful.

Common Prayer (

Born out of the worship and prayer life of the Simple Way, a non-denominational Christian intentional community in Philidephia, Common Prayer is one of best contemporary prayer resources that’s also solidly rooted in the great traditions of the Church. Lead author Shane Claiborne is one of the most prominent voices of the New Monasticism, as well as the Red-Letter Christian movement (along with his friend Tony Campolo). You can get Common Prayer in book form (including a handy pocket edition), as an e-book, or just go to the website for the daily prayer and devotional guides. This is the main resource I’ve been using for my daily prayers for a while now, especially the mid-day prayer office.