New Year, New Blog Host

happy-new-year-2016-dark-desktop-wallpaper It’s been a custom of mine for a while now to start each year with some form of resolution or hope that I’ll get back to blogging more regularly. After a decent start in 2015 (5 posts in 2 months) the last posting on my old blog was on March 9…

So here’s hoping this year will be better. Though to be fair to myself, I’ve had something of a quiet spiritual awakening over the course of the fall and early winter that’s slowly grown out a private retreat I made myself go on back in August. It’s been very gradual, growing out of a deeper commitment to regular prayer, scripture reading and taking up some different forms of prayer. It’s been hard work (even though it’s ultimately God’s grace that’s brought me to this point and kept me going) and I really haven’t had the time or energy for blogging.

But as I look forward to a new year and back on the year that has been I feel well enough established in this new and more life giving pattern to stick my head up again and try my hand at blogging again.

All of which led me to think of my platform. Quickly looking up an article on blogging platforms, I confirmed my suspicion that my old platform of Blogger is dead and buried. So here we are, a shiny new version of my blog here on the well established and nicely (and regularly) updated platform of WordPress. I’ll be learning WordPress again (I used it in a former incarnation of the church website) so the look of the blog will probably change  as I figure things out, but this is my stake in new ground. I may also repost some my better content from my old blog here (at least the stuff that won’t date too badly).

So here’s hoping I’ll have something new to say about blogging in January 2017.

Grace and peace to you in 2016.



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