This week the topic of the video-based discussion on site was “Why Pray?” This corresponds roughly to chapters 4-6 of the book. In it Yancey works through the objections some have to the concept of prayer as well as the struggles that many of people faith have as they struggle with prayer.

While Yancey gives several reasons to pray, for me the most compelling reason is the one that he highlights above the others:

“If I had to answer the question, ‘Why pray?’ in one sentence, it would be, ‘Because Jesus did.’ He bridged the vast gulf between God and human beings. While on earth he became vulnerable, as we are vulnerable; rejected as we are rejected; and tested, as we are tested. In every case his response was prayer.” (Prayer, 1st Edition, p.50)

The study guide for session 2 is attached for you to work through. There is a lot of great material to work through, especially the chance to explore and reflect on how the Gospels show Jesus at prayer.

Yancey Prayer Guide – 2

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