It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the first week of a new school year! Summer always seems too short, and for some reason this one felt exceptionally short. Still, it can be an exciting time of year. My youngest started junior kindergarten this week, which had me feeling extremely proud, grateful, overjoyed at how happy she was on her first day, but also a little sad. My oldest also had a big moment as he started French immersion, as he’s now in grade 1. Here in Canada fall is a time for beginnings.

It’s also a time of beginnings for my congregation of St. Andrew’s. After a long and arduous season of construction, the accessible renovation and expansion of our building is almost done, and we’re planning a Grand Reopening for the last Sunday in October. From both the outside and inside it really looks like a brand new church.

With all these new beginnings going on it seemed like a good time to preach and study the opening chapters of the Book of Genesis, which tell stories about the beginning of the world. These are stories that explore the big questions so many of us have: Where do we come from? What are we here for? Why is the world such a mess? Where is God in all of this? Is there a purpose or a plan for the universe and for my life?


So with all of this in mind I’ll be preaching through Genesis 1-11 from September though to early November. And starting on Wednesday September 26 there will also be a short 5 week study for those who want to go deeper into the story.  A group will gather at the church each week at 7pm, and study notes and reflection questions will be posted here on the blog.

For  a sneak preview here’s a video from The Bible Project that touches on some of the things we’ll be exploring together.

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